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Want to get access to exclusive rewards and earn points toward discounts for every dollar spent?


How it Works



It’s fast & free to join! Sign up and share a little detail on yourself, and you’ll be earning rewards lickety-split!


Earn Points

Every purchase earns you points – whether you buy online, through the LiquorSplit mobile app, or in-store!


Redeem Rewards

Redeem points for discounts, $ off, and free delivery – plus get access to exclusive rewards via email and the app!


Level Up!

As you spend more, level up to higher tiers and get more points per dollar spent and for different activities!


Want to get access to exclusive rewards and earn points toward discounts for every dollar spent?


In-Store Purchase

$1 = 1 point

Pickup Order

$1 = 2 points

Delivery Order

$1 = 3 points

Earn Points

Earn points for every dollar you spend and get extra points for activities like following us on social, sharing with friends, and posting pics of your LiquorSplit delivery!

Click here to see all the ways to earn!

Redeem Rewards

Get rad rewards with the points you earn, like free delivery, discounts, dollars off future purchases, and exclusive access to sales as well as hard to find products! You’ll be sippin’ pretty in no time!

Level Up!

We are super-duper thankful for your loyalty to us – that’s why as you buy more with LiquorSplit, we level you up to higher rewards tiers, meaning more points earned for your purchases! In no time, you can be the Life of the Party!

Fun Friend

  • Free to join
  • Earn rewards for every $ spent
  • Birthday reward

Savvy Socialite

  • Reach 7,500 pts
  • Everything a Fun Friend gets, plus:
  • Get 2x the points for purchases!
  • Early access to sales

Life of the Party

  • Reach 15,000 pts
  • Everything a Savvy Socialite gets, plus:
  • Get 3x the points for purchases!
  • Donate rewards to charity
  • Early access to products
Fun Friend
1x pt
0-7499 pts
Savvy Socialite
2x pts
7500-14999 pts
Life of the Party
3x pts
15000+ pts
In-store purchases 1 pt / $1 2 pts / $1 3 pts / $1
Pickup purchases 2 pts / $1 4 pts / $1 6 pts / $1
Delivery purchases 3 pts / $1 6 pts / $1 9 pts / $1
Sign-up 100 pts N/A N/A
Complete personality profile 200 pts 200 pts 200 pts
Refer a friend 100 pts 100 pts 100 pts
Free delivery * $100 min $75 min $50 min
1000 pts 10% off 15% off 20% off
3000 pts $5 off $10 off $15 off
5000 pts $10 off $15 off $20 off
10000 pts (see next tier) $20 off $25 off
Birthday reward Yes Yes Yes
Early access to sales N/A Yes Yes
Access to exclusive products N/A N/A Yes
*Free delivery not available when rewards are redeemed


Signing up for LiquorSplit Loyalty is super duper simple - you can join our loyalty program by signing up through our website, mobile app, or in-store. You get 100 points and 15% off just for joining, and if you answer a few questions about yourself you’ll get an additional 200 points!

Because it’s the coolest club in town, of course! But really, you’re already buying your favorite liquor, wine, and spirits from us, so why not earn points and get awesome rewards like free delivery, discounts, birthday rewards, early alerts on sales, and exclusive access to products? The best part, there’s no commitment - simply sign up, and watch the points accrue when you purchase your favs from LiquorSplit in-store, online, or through our mobile app!

There are tons of ways to earn points! You’ll get loyalty points for every dollar you spend, and the amount of points you earn for your purchases increases as you level up to subsequent tiers. At the base tier (Fun Friend), you’ll get 1 point for every $1 spent in-store, 2 points for every $1 spent on pickup orders, and 3 points for every $1 spent on delivery orders. When you become a Savvy Socialite you earn 2x the points awarded for Fun Friend, and when you reach the Life of the Party you get 3x the points with your purchases! You can also earn 200 extra points by completing your profile and 100 points for every friend you refer. Plus, we’ll be unlocking more ways to earn points soon, so keep an eye out for extra earning potential!

First of all, being part of LiquorSplit Loyalty comes with all kinds of bonuses, like free delivery with a minimum purchase, being the first to learn about special announcements, a birthday reward, and fun ways to earn bonus points! As the points accrue, you can cash them in for various discounts off future purchases! It’s up to you whether you want to cash in early or save up for bigger rewards.

In order to redeem your points, simply visit the Redeem Points section of your loyalty profile on our website or mobile app. Click on the reward you wish to redeem, and as long as you have enough Available Points, the reward will automatically be added to the My Rewards section of your profile. You will be given an option upon choosing your reward to “Apply Now” which will automatically add the reward to your cart. You may also choose to copy the discount code and apply it during the process of checkout. If you prefer, you can also simply redeem and then save the reward for later by navigating away from the ‘Redeem points’ tab after you’ve selected the reward you wish to redeem. In this case, simply navigate to your ‘My rewards’ tab when you’re ready to use it to redeem the reward of your choice by either clicking the “Apply code” button or copying the code and adding it to the Promo Code field during checkout.

Your tier membership is based upon your total points earned. When you join, you automatically become a member of the Fun Friend tier. You’ll get more points for every purchase you make, and once you’ve earned 7,500 total points, you’ll level up to become a Savvy Socialite! Keep enjoying your favorite drinks until you earn 15,000 points and you’ll reach Life of the Party status! When you level up, you earn more points for your purchases, and you get access to additional rewards like first alert on flash sales and exclusive products. Your tier status will not be demoted by redeeming rewards with your points.

With the Refer & Earn program, you earn 100 loyalty points for every friend you invite who signs up for LiquorSplit Loyalty and makes a purchase. When you share the link with friends, they’ll also automatically get 100 points for signing up and 15% off their first order. You’ll receive the loyalty points once your friend clicks the link, signs up for LiquorSplit Loyalty, and makes their first purchase through the loyalty program. You will see these under your “My Points” tab. There are currently no limits to the number of friends you can refer, so start sharing!

We hope this never happens, but hey - nobody’s perfect, including us! If you find that you’re missing loyalty points, please email Support@Liquorsplit.com and provide us with your account email and details on the missing points, and we’ll assist!

The Refer & Earn program is part of LiquorSplit Loyalty. Earn loyalty points for every friend you invite who signs up for LiquorSplit Loyalty using your referral link as soon as they make their first purchase. There are currently no limits to the number of friends you can refer and earn points from, so start sharing!

When you share your referral link via text, email, or through your preferred social media channel, anyone who clicks the link, signs up for LiquorSplit Loyalty, and makes a purchase will earn you 100 points! When they sign up, they’ll also get 100 points and a 15% off coupon for joining the loyalty program. You will receive your points once anyone who uses your referral link makes their first purchase.

Once a friend uses your referral link to sign up for the LiquorSplit Loyalty Program and they make their first purchase, your reward points will be added to your Loyalty profile. Once enough points are accrued, you can redeem these for various rewards that get unlocked at different point levels. There are no limits to the use of points earned through the referral program.

In order to earn points from referring friends, individuals you refer must use the link you shared to sign up for LiquorSplit Loyalty, and they also must make a purchase.

In order to earn referral points, the person who receives your referral link must use the link to sign up for LiquorSplit Loyalty and make a purchase. If this has happened and you are not seeing the referral points, please email Support@Liquorsplit.com and we will provide assistance.

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