Real icewine can only be made reliably every year in Canada and most years in Germany because it requires a very specific climate. The grapes have to stay on the vine to the winter, usually until Dec or Jan, where they freeze solid at -9 degrees Celsius (15 Fahrenheit). During that time period, through the following winter, they freeze and thaw repeatedly, and all of the flavours get concentrated, a lot of the water is lost. Therefore the flavours and sugar become very concentrated. They get very concentrated flavours. They are then pressed in a hydraulic press when they are frozen solid. The water remains behind in the press as solid ice. What comes out is the essence, a thick syrup of the grape. Tremendously concentrated flavours and sugars. When it's fermented, it makes this beautiful sweet dessert wine. When you smell and taste it, you’re right away struck with the tremendously powerful aroma and flavour. 

Innovative Winemaking

The perfect sip of wine is an experience. It’s a swirl of the glass, aromas flowing, flavours rolling across your tongue.

Let us introduce you to the Snow Ridge wine experience.

Hailing from the world class wine region of the Niagara Peninsula, Snow Ridge’s grapes share their source with many renowned and award-winning wines. Niagara’s climate is comparable to the acclaimed French regions of Burgundy, and Bordeaux, with a mineral-rich fertile soil profile. Snow Ridge wine is made from the very same grapes, using the same methods as other high-end producers. These grapes ripen and accumulate their flavour slowly, producing some of the world’s most complex, balanced, and food-friendly wines.

 Hebrew for “northward,” Snow Ridge represents the best of Canada’s winemaking. That’s what Avraham Gislason, a wine-maker and orthodox rabbi, and Toby Berkel, an entrepreneur, had in mind when they started Snow Ridge.

They are pioneers with a passion: they’ve created an unmistakably delicious wine from the Niagara region — one that also happens to be kosher!

Elegant, world class, kosher wine from Niagara. That’s the spirit of Snow Ridge.

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